Rates & Prices

The most asked question to our escort service is “what are the rates”? While we would love to have a set rate schedule to make things easier it is very difficult to do that. The reason being is that we always want to provide the absolute best rate to our clients and there are many factors involved in the rates.

The first factor which is very similar to airlines, car rental services and hotels our prices are based on availability. What that means is the rates are higher during the busier times. Unfortunately, we don’t know when those times are as it depends on how many escorts are on the schedule for that day.

The second factor is your location. Since round trip transportation is included in the rate, the distance and tolls from where the escort of your request is for your appointment time and your location plays a big factor. The bigger the distance the higher the rate.

The last factor is how long of an appointment would you like. There is discounts on longer appointments, however if the length of your appointment is a sacrifice to the model (personal obligations or other higher paying appointments) she would expect more compensation for that.

For that reason its best to contact us for our most accurate price.